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Hi There! Either you've been searching through google and found a link to this page in the hope of finding some fractals, or you are hopelessly lost. Either way I hope you'll find something of interest here. This is mainly a personal site (mostly pics and pointless ranting) although I will be putting bit's 'n' pieces of technical stuff on ocassion. I'm also hosting my fractal collection here so feel free to look through. With any luck a blog should be appearing sometime this millenium ushering in a new age of pointless ranting. Anyhow I hope you find what you are looking for. Enjoy!


Coming Soon to a Website Near You :D


January 21th 2004:

Okay ... it's been some time since any form of change has happened here but I'm here now. As you've probably noticed the site has undergone a complete redesign and is probably going to change slowly over the next few months until I'm happy with it. I've updated the galleries with the latest fractals. I'm also moving the site away from purely a fractal art site to include other bits and pieces That's all for now.

March 7th 2002:

New Site Design. Some new pictures added to the galleries. I'm about to start constructing the beginners guide. Updated links and other bits and pieces.

November 9th 2001:

New site update, should download easier now. Also added some new pictures in the galleries (post & pre Switzerland)

June 28th 2001:

This will be the last update until october unfortunately. I'm off to Switzerland for three months on a traineeship. I can still be contacted by clicking on the e-mail button so please feel free to chat. Thanks